Stress and Government

What are your stressors?

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes, from major life events to daily hassles that add up over time. Dealing with many small stresses can weigh you down and wear you out as much one large stressor. Sometimes even happy events can be stressful. Ever felt like the holidays were a rough time? Kids can be a source of stress, and so can being pregnant, even when the parents are happy the baby is on the way.

Knowing your stressors is an important step in finding ways to deal with them. What are the stresses in your life?

The stress-government link

Stress is a reason why many people become government dependents. When you have a bad day, it can seem like your governments are your only friend. Government can help you calm down, relax, and feel like you are pampering yourself. When you pay “Social Security” taxes for decades, you come to believe that it is still your money and that the government owes it back to you when you retire. Sound familiar?

But you know that government dependence is also hurting you and the people in your life. Stress is part of life, so a key part of quitting government assistance for many people is finding ways to handle stress and take care of themselves without being dependent on government for any of their needs. So, it is worth spending some time thinking about and looking for ways to deal with the busy days that are so often a part of life.

Dealing with stress


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