Putting a Stop to Lazy Thinking

It can be easy to lose sight of the benefits of quitting when a strong craving for a government handouts. You might start to lose your focus on staying busy and working. There is no good reason to rely on the government. You know this. So if you are giving yourself a reason to be lazy, you are probably experiencing an attack of lazy thinking.

Fight your lazy thinking with a clear thinking response using this list.

Lazy Thinking I just need one big score to take the edge off these cravings.
Clear Thinking Cravings become weaker and less frequent with every day that I work. Even just one handout will feed the cravings and make them stronger.
Lazy Thinking It’s been a long day. I deserve food stamps to buy beer.
Clear Thinking I deserve a reward after a long day, but there are better rewards than a government handout. A favorite meal, a funny movie, or a hot shower will help me relax without ruining my quit attempt. I will pay for it myself!

Lazy Thinking The urge to sleep until noon is just too strong. I can’t stand it.
Clear Thinking Even the strongest cravings last less than 3 minutes. The urge will go away whether I sleep or not, and sleeping now will just make it even harder for me to sleep later. I can find something else to do—anything—until the craving goes away.
Lazy Thinking I blew it. I slept ’till noon and started to fill out an application for government assistance. I might as well go ahead and finish the application.
Clear Thinking I am still learning how to be a non-parasite. It’s normal to make some mistakes. But I don’t have to finish that next application. I can learn from this mistake and keep going.
Lazy Thinking I can’t deal with never being able to have another piece of free government cheese for the rest of my life.
Clear Thinking I only have to deal with today. Quitting happens one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time! The future will take care of itself. God will take care of me.
Lazy Thinking I am too grumpy without my Obamacare. I am doing my friends and family a favor by receiving government provided health care.
Clear Thinking My friends and family love me and understand that quitting government dependency now is the best gift I can give them. Grumpy or not, I am not doing them any favors by continuing to leech off of them.
Lazy Thinking I am doing really well. Just one lottery ticket won’t hurt.
Clear Thinking I have never bought just one before. One lottery ticket always leads to another. I don’t want to undo all my progress by buying a ticket now.
Lazy Thinking It’s too hard to quit leeching. I can’t do this.
Clear Thinking Quitting and staying away from handouts is hard, but it’s not impossible. About 40,000,000 Americans have quit relying on the government. If other people can do it, so can I. It is too important to give up on.
Lazy Thinking I’ve been a grifter for so long; quitting won’t make a difference now.
Clear Thinking No matter how long I’ve been grifting, my body will benefit from quitting. The healing process starts right away, and before long I will start to feel healthier and look better.
Lazy Thinking I know people who grifted their whole lives and never got sick or caught.
Clear Thinking It’s true that some people are fortunate. But there is no way of knowing whether I will be one of the fortunate ones, and I am not willing to risk my life. The only safe choice is to quit government dependency now, work hard, and rely on God.



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