Search for the Cure!

Welcome to The Centers for Disease Control

The Centers for Disease Control is a non-Governmental organization (NGO) devoted to the health, safety, and welfare of the American public. Our primary area of expertise covers all areas of disease control.

It is well established that the founding fathers of the United States of America loathed the diseased governments of the past. They found themselves in a very unique position: with a Declaration of Independence from tyranny and oppression, they had the opportunity to formulate a governmental system that stood some kind of chance of safe-guarding the God-given rights of the men and women of a nation, as well as their progeny.

To that end, they proposed and ratified a Document of Limitations that they swore to respect and uphold. The Constitution of the United States of America has become the model for limited government for lovers of freedom around the world because it did just what the founding fathers had hoped for.

The Constitution took effect in 1789, 13 years after the rebellion of the States. In the 223 years since then, enemies of freedom and enemies of God have sought to destroy this nation by infectious and progressive diseases, each of which has dozens of genetic mutations. The diseases first took hold of individual citizens, who, recognizing the artful plots of Machiavellians throughout the ages, turned to infiltrating government offices and appointments from the lowest level to the highest.

Once they obtained positions of prominence and power, they injected their disease into the laws, regulations, and education system of the land, thereby infecting a generous portion of the population. Government itself has metastasized to fill every possible corner of our affairs.

Our goal at The Centers for Disease Control is to provide inoculations to prevent the further spread of diseased government, and to search for a cure.

Although the diseases governments have are of the mind, and are thought to be incurable, We the People hold out hope that it is possible for every government in America to be completely and fully restored whole. It may be said that not a single diseased government in the history of the world has ever been cured of its diseases, but our God is still a miracle working God!

Fortunately, a few citizens have been shown to be unsusceptible to the infections, whatever their mutated form. Others are slightly more at risk due to poor diet and mutating variations of the diseases. We think that a vaccine can be developed from the DNA of the first group, and are concentrating part of our research there.

Sometimes disease is caused by the invasion of foreign material, which festers and invites bacterial growth. When the foreign invader is removed, the wound produced by the invasion heals by itself. Another part of our research is spent in identifying possible entry wounds, and in identifying the source of potential invaders.

If you would like to donate to a Search for the Cure, you are most welcome. Not a single dollar you donate will be considered tax deductible by the Government.


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