Happy July 4th!

September 17th was Constitution Day. Did you break out the hotdogs and fireworks? The ratification of the Constitution gave official birth to the United States of America, which was unionized according to modern, involuntary, or “progressive” standards in 1865 by the surrender of Confederate Armies.

Perhaps what is more valued in the life and heart of Americans is Independence Day, July the 4th. The day is admired by all those who dream of freedom around the world. It is the day on which (in 1776) the signers of the Declaration of Independence declared the colonies to be free and independent States, and that the people of the States were free men and not the dolls and toys of British kings.

To this day, anyone who gladly signs his name to any document puts his JOHN HANCOCK on it.

A constitution can be ignored, but a declaration of independence cannot. A Government that despises both may be suffering from incurable brain or heart diseases, and should perhaps be treated in the same way diseased cattle is – burned and buried.

According to both Jesus Christ and Moses, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Men can live without a Constitution which supposedly unites some States, but they cannot live without the freedom and liberty that Jesus Christ bought for them. That freedom and liberty was conceptualized, realized, and immortalized by the thought, action, and word of Jesus Christ’s own father, the Creator of the heavens and earth. What a benevolent God!

No man invented the notion of freedom and independence. It came from the mind of God. Don’t forget to thank Him.

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