The Union Is Running the Government

In 1790, thirteen independent states had voluntarily ratified the Constitution of the United States, thereby forming a Union of Sovereign, Independent States, called the United States of America. In the following years, a number of other North American territories adopted the same Constitution, and gained all of the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of the existing States.

In 1861, the State of South Carolina decided to rescind its voluntary membership in the Union, and quit paying Union dues. In addition, it attempted to persuade the Union representatives at Fort Sumter that the Union’s services were no longer needed in South Carolina. The Union thugs refused to leave. It had been the Union’s arrogance, thuggery, deception, and oppressive regulation that had forced South Carolina to withdraw itself from said Union, and the Union’s refusal to leave was just another example of the Union’s malevolence. A number of other States were in a similar position as South Carolina, and voluntarily withdrew from Union membership as well.

Union members in industrialized northern States were aghast at the loss of membership, and the loss of Union dues, which mainly benefited large corporations. They formed the Republican political party, got their man from Illinois elected to the Union presidency, and persuaded him in 1861 to launch an all out war on the scabs, and to force them back into the Union.

The Union president’s rallying cry was “the Union shall not be dissolved”. With it he persuaded the 23 remaining Union members’ constituencies to take up arms and begin slaughtering their neighbors in the most efficient manner possible. He recruited officers and generals to carry out the carnage, and to force by cannon and sword the southern States submission and acceptance of Unionization. The ensuing war lasted a full four years, and was anything but civil. All told, the Union slaughtered more than 400,000 people who had once lived comfortably in freedom in the South. More Americans died in the uncivil War of Unionization than all other American wars combined. The Republican political party was born out of the success of the Union’s trampling of the US Constitution and the right of voluntary Union membership.

Republicans became both loved and hated for their advertisement to end slavery and indentured servitude in all of the states. They were loved by abolitionists in the North and the South. They became especially despised in the South after the war for having forced indentured servitude on every citizen of the South: black, brown, white, and pink. For that reason alone, most southern citizens aligned themselves with the Republicans’ arch enemy, the Democrats.

The Union used every trick in the book to ensure the South’s subjugation over many succeeding decades. During the war, the Union admitted the Union had been dissolved by secession, and passed laws to benefit only the current Union members. Then, as part of the surrender process, the Union required that the formerly Unionized States must become Unionized all over, and swear never to try to withdraw again. The Union made each of the formerly Unionized States rewrite their State Constitution, declare allegiance to the Union, and make secession illegal. They then granted full membership.

The Union enforced the collection of Union dues from all of the new Union members at the point of a gun as part of the surrender agreements.

Over the decades, Republicans and Democrats fought over the nature and form of Government that had become involuntary. The Union was now running the government. Industrial and corporate interests ran roughshod over the individual rights of the States and the people.

Many who supported the Republican party because of its stance on abolition became embarrassed by its embrace of what today is called crony capitalism, but is otherwise known as corporate or military-industrial dictatorship. Those embarrassed were true capitalists who believed a man should do his own work, reap the rewards of his labor, and not steal from his neighbor or covet his neighbor’s wife or stuff.

Democrats had a difficult time competing with the Republican corporate dictatorship. The best they could do was to adopt the Union label and embrace the strategies of Karl Marx by pretending to advocate a workers’ dictatorship. From that point on, Republicans and Democrats worked in a bi-partisan manner to advance the goals of forced Unionization, and though mostly from different angles, to the same end.

To help avoid another Union withdrawal crisis, Union dues were pushed on to the masses of people with the introduction of the federal income tax in 1913. Ownership of the historical currency and store of wealth, gold, was outlawed in 1933, and the citizen’s gold was confiscated. Union dues could only be paid with paper printed and dispensed by the Union. The Union became the sole grantor of Credit for businesses and individuals alike. In addition, Union dues were increased every year under the guise of providing more services to Union members and their constituents. Both parties were astonishingly successful in promoting the Union up until the time of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Ronald Reagan philosophically came from the remnant of Republicans who were embarrassed by the original Republicans’ embrace of despotism and dictatorship by corporate interests. He believed in freedom for all people, including corporations of people, but flat out despised dictatorship in all of its forms, including forced Unionization.

One of his first acts was to declare that any Union worker who went on strike would be fired. It was considered a novel idea and an idle threat. When Union workers in air traffic control went on strike, he promptly fired them, and hired replacements.

He then had the gumption to declare that other Unionized Nations of the World were members of an evil conspiracy to enslave mankind. He began a vast military build up on behalf of the United States to prove that he and the USA were not willing to submit. His stance had a profound influence on the thoughts of a generation of American citizens. A number of his policies had the benefit of freeing people from what had become oppressive Union dues, and the country saw prosperity and innovation at levels not seen for decades.

After Reagan, Union thugs once again had free reign in running the government. With the election of Barack Obama in 2008, and the granting of control to a complicit Democratic Congress, the Union took on a decidedly Chicago flavor. The Union made advances that invaded every small and large aspect of the individual citizen’s life to a degree that even the first Union president from Illinois would have admired.

Millions of Americans with a thirst for freedom began organizing themselves into small groups in an attempt to counter the onslaught from new Union regulations and further confiscation of wealth. The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party was born out of local factions of what were previously called embarrassed Republicans.

The TEA party was successful in establishing themselves and their philosophy in diverse places. Their message was the same one promised to the original ratifiers of the US Constitution – a limited government instead of a limitless one. In local, regional, and State governments across the land they began the arduous process of dismantling the forced Unionization of the people, and severely restricted the collective bargaining rights of the entrenched Union and their appointees. They suffered malicious attacks at the hands of the Union’s media franchise who had a calculated interest in providing disinformation to people everywhere. Nonetheless, the truth would prevail in many instances, and the Union began to show cracks in its facade.

The Union under Obama fought back with all of its ammunition. Every employee of the Union was given a call to arms. Each department of oversight within the Union was instructed to generate propaganda designed to slander freedom lovers and promote Union membership and dependency. A vast expansion of Union police power was ordered to both intimidate citizens and enforce Union dictates. A sideline activity was to embarrass, detain, or imprison dissenters. Each Union agency was ordered to stockpile ammunition to defend itself against what was becoming an unhappy population. The Union continued efforts to police thought itself, and pressure was brought to bear on the most minor exercises of free speech and assembly by the people.

The next or perhaps final chapter in the history of the Republic is yet to be written in 2012, but written it will be. On the one hand we have the Union champion, the espouser of all things despotic, Barack Obama, as well as each of his admirers running for Congress. On the other hand we have Mitt Romney, a man personally committed to the ideals of a voluntary union, a union with specifically limited and enumerated powers. The next or final chapter will be written, and we must at some time leave in the hands of Divine Providence the outcome. Let us do so with firm reliance and believing, nothing wavering.

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