Let’s Begin A Study of a Diseased President

We can start with his 2012 Democratic National Convention nomination acceptance speech, and see where the rules of logic take us.

“My grandparents were given the chance to go to college, buy their first home, and fulfill the basic bargain at the heart of America’s story: the promise that hard work will pay off; that responsibility will be rewarded; that everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules – from Main Street to Wall Street to Washington, DC.

I ran for President because I saw that basic bargain slipping away.”

Mr. Obama believes that the American dream is a basic bargain. Usually, bargains are something you find in the basement. When you go down there, you might bargain a little more for a even lower price than what is marked.

What Mr. Obama believes is that the American dream, freedom, must be bargained for. He prefers collective bargaining rights to an individual’s bargaining right, because there is more power in the group to help. Can’t you just see the minutemen bargaining with British soldiers in 1776 or George Washington with Cornwalis in 1781?

“I have the mortification to inform your Excellency that I have been forced to give up the posts of York and Gloucester, and to surrender the troops under my command, by capitulation on the 19th inst. as prisoners of war to the combined forces of America and France. “

Mr. Obama believes everything you have has been bought for you under the bargaining agreements of your ancestors with previous rights-grantors, previous administrations, previous presidents, previous governments. He does not believe the rights you have or the freedom you have emanates or originates from the one true God. He believes Government is or should be your God. Mr. Obama is an idolator of the lowest degree.

To add insult to injury, Mr. Obama wants to be the head of the government you worship.

“I ran for President because I saw that basic bargain slipping away.  I began my career helping people in the shadow of a shuttered steel mill, at a time when too many good jobs were starting to move overseas.  And by 2008, we had seen nearly a decade in which families struggled with costs that kept rising but paychecks that didn’t; racking up more and more debt just to make the mortgage or pay tuition; to put gas in the car or food on the table. “

This is an important autobiographical recap of Mr. Obama’s business record. He began his career to help people. Nearly ten years later, after his help, after all the struggling, after all the racking, the people he had helped had a pile of debt and difficulty putting gas in their cars and food on the table.

“And when the house of cards collapsed in the Great Recession, millions of innocent Americans lost their jobs, their homes, and their life savings – a tragedy from which we are still fighting to recover. “

Additionally, Mr. Obama implies that many of the people he had helped in his first business venture were now fighting to recover from lost jobs, homes, and capital savings. It seems as though he had neglected to prepare them for tough times. He neglected to tell them that that’s what a pile debt will do to you. He neglected to tell them something every adult and seasoned businessman knows by heart.

I don’t think he lost his job, home, capital savings or anything else except his Blackberry. He may have been recovering from bunions, according to his wife. He has not been fighting to recover from any tragedy, that is for sure.

Mr. Obama was born and raised in the United States, or so he claims. It is impossible that he has not been informed either by common sense or education where the rights of men come from. He has willfully rejected that information with full understanding of the consequences – including heart disease.

When your heart is diseased, like Mr. Obama’s, there is nothing in it worthwhile and there is no cure. Hope all you want.

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