The CDC Is Now Online!

The Centers for Disease Control finally has an on-line presence! Our goal is to assist the American public in combating infectious disease, and to help people in general deal with all aspects of their health, safety, and welfare.

Among our primary responsibilities are the following:

  • Provide alerts of disease outbreak.
  • Provide statistics on disease history and movement.
  • Provide educational materials to assist consumers in making healthy choices.
  • Encourage thoughtful actions by citizens to help them protect themselves from an intrusive and diseased government.

As an approved NGO, The Centers For Disease Control will continue to provide you with timely and relevant information to be successful in your everyday endeavors!

We welcome your comments. Please feel free to post your thoughts on any blog entry. This is our first foray into the electronic world of information exchange, and we hope that you will find it engaging, inspiring, and worth your time.


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